US Army And South Korean Military Respond To North Korea's Launch With Missile Exercise

Last Updated : August 18 2017

US Army And South Korean Military Respond To North Korea's Launch With Missile Exercise

by Mike Whitaker 2017 July 06

US Army And South Korean Military Respond To North Korea's Launch With Missile Exercise

After the North Korea's successful missile test, South Korea, and the United States Army also fired a missile on the South Korea territorial waters. The North Korean missile remained in the air for a longer time and went higher than the other weapons. The United States Army used their tactical missile system, and South Korea used their Hyunmoo missile II.The U.S missile is suitable for air defense units, ground combat units, refueling system, surface-to-surface missile units and even the communication sites. The exercise was meant to destabilize the North Korea's unlawful actions. The exercise was done after the North Korea did their missile test.

The United States and South Korea remain committed to maintaining peace in the Asia-pacific. The United States does not support the action by North Korea of launching the missile. Therefore, the United States continues to monitor the situation. The missile launch was a clear demonstration that North Korea was a threat to the United States and its allies. It was such threat that led the two countries to do a combined exercise. North Korea fired another missile that could reach Alaska. However, the details concerning the launch are still not clear. It is evident that North Korea is giving a warning to the United States and its allies, Tokyo and Seoul.

The missile was launched on the day in which the United States was celebrating its independence day. It was also just a few days after the United States and South Korea leaders had a face to face meeting. North Korea has several shorter-range missiles. However, it is trying to improve its skill in making longer range missiles. South Korea and the United States strongly oppose the move that North Korea is taking in developing atomic weapons. The missile landed in Japan's economic zone but did not cause significant damage. The Japanese government also criticized the North Korean missile launch.

From the launch, it is clear that North Korea can strike both South Korea and the United States warships. The missile used by North Korea was an intercontinental ballistic missile. The North Korean missile has led China and the United States wondering how to deal with the dynamic state. Russia and China have called for a concession. The United States has not made any public talks but engaged in an exercise with it ally South Korea. The missile launched by North Korea had reached 2,802 kilometers which were the highest missile ever launched. China and Russia reiterated the call for missile and wanted South Korea and the United States to stop holding joint military drills in future. However, it seems it landed on deaf ears since the U.S and South Korea went ahead and launched a ballistic exercise. It was meant to prevent further unlawful actions.

South Korea and the United States held military drills in April and March. It was such exercises that provoke the North Korea into launching the missiles and even nuclear tests. China was of the opinion that the nuclear program for North Korea is suspended. The United States and South Korea wanted to showcase their missile strength by the drill they did after the North Korean missile test. In as much as the United States drill can be considered to be legitimate, it is important that the two countries go into talks sooner. There is no option to using the military option. It can only make the situation worse.

A military strike can lead to major war. Therefore, the only option is to go for talks. In as much as South Korea took part in the drill, president Moon Jae-in advocates for engagement with North Korea and not confronting them. According to analysts, President Trump does not have a lot of options when it comes to dealing with North Korea.

For a long time South Korea and the US have been allies. The two countries become one since the Korean War way back in the 1950s. Russia and China, however, have taken the side of North Korea and wanted to put an end to the United States intimidation.

The Plowshaser fund deals with stopping nuclear proliferation. The organization said that North Korea was willing to take part in talks to put an end to the weapon programs if South Korea and the US suspended their exercises. President Vladimir Putin said the want the countries need is peace and stability. A majority of the countries are of the opinion that the countries must work together to ensure that peace prevails. There is no doubt that there are diplomatic divisions on how to deal with the issue of North Korean missiles. Solving the Korean problem through a joint initiative is important. It is necessary to freeze the ballistic missiles. The other problem is dealing with the deployment of weapons to South Korea. The sooner such issues are handled, the better for all the countries involved.

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