UK Man Gets 15-Month Jail For Ripping Off Woman's Veil

Last Updated : August 18 2017

UK Man Gets 15-Month Jail For Ripping Off Woman's Veil

by Mike Whitaker 2017 July 06

UK Man Gets 15-Month Jail For Ripping Off Woman's Veil

The 56-year-old man have been jailed for the 15 months because of ripping off the Muslim woman's cloak at the shopping mall in UK last year. This report about UK man gets 15-month jail for ripping off woman's veil have spread greatly.

Peter Scotter was accused of attacking a lady who was just waiting with her own son for the husband outside the jewellery shop at the shopping center in the country of Sunderland in the month of July three last year, an Independent reported this.

Scotter, from the Roker in the country of Sunderland, acknowledged to ethnically aggravating the assault which was by beating and ethnically aggravated the harassment. He was then handed down the 15-month prison term at the Newcastle Crown Court in the day of Monday.

The court heard the Brexit vote had flashed an assault by the Scotter. The pressure he used in pulling off a veil caused a woman in falling on a floor. He then continued in shouting the abuse at a woman, Mirror reported.

After revealing a distraught lady's face, that Scotter shouted the racist slurs to her saying: "You are in our own country currently... you the stupid Muslim."

The occurrence happened just some weeks after a Brexit vote in the last year that coincided with the sharp increase in a number of the racially or the religiously aggravated offenses recorded by the police in Wales and England, the reporter said.

After an incident, a victim had actually said she didn't want Scotter to be jailed after understanding he was going the treatment for a cancer.

Tony Hawks, the defending Scotter, told the Newcastle Crown Court assured politicians and the sections of a press have been playing a race card in some weeks before an incident. He then said that there was no any doubt what he did was the ignorant and the despicable piece of the behavior.

But he then described his own client as the ignorant and the ill-educated man who actually knows nothing about Islam.

Neil Pallister, the prosecuting, said that Scotter was being escorted out of a centre by the security guards after an assault last month of June, but then refused in listening to the police and propelled yet many abuse.

The court learned that Scotter had the 70 earlier convictions which included throwing the bricks with the racist stickers to them at the house with the refugees inside.

According to the NDTV:
The 56-year-old man have been jailed for many years because of ripping off the Muslim woman's niqab or a full-face cloak during the expletive-ridden racists assault at the shopping centre in UK following an divisive Brexit vote.

The 56, by name Peter Scotter of Sunderland, yelled "You're in our own country now" when he confronted his own victim, who was together with her own young son, at the Sunderland shopping center last July.

Scotter have acknowledged racially intensified assault by whipping and also racially aggravated harassment. After that he was handed down the 15-month detention term at the Newcastle Crown Court which was yesterday.

The court learned that Brexit vote have sparked an assault by Scotter in the frightened mother, A Mirror reported.

During an assault, Scotter was being heard screaming, "You're in our own country now, you are a stupid Muslim."

The energy he used in pulling off a garment in a city's Bridges Shopping Centre which caused her falling to the floor.

Nevertheless he proceeded to shout the abuse which included, "I'm taking expletive country back" and "it i's our own Britain, sticked by our own rules."

A victim said she didn't want him to be jailed when she understood that he was going checks on a cancer in the mouth.

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