Six killed as small plane crashes in US

Last Updated : August 18 2017

Six killed as small plane crashes in US

by Mike Whitaker 2017 July 06

Six killed as small plane crashes in US

Six people travelling in a light airplane died after the plane plummeted down to a crash in Midwest US state of Wisconsin. The crash is reported to have taken place in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Local authorities are yet to come up with conclusive reports about the accident, just as family and friends are yet to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones following the sudden crash.

The Crash

At exactly 3:21 am on Saturday, a loud blast woke residents of northern Wisconsin City of Phillips. It was the crash of a mini aircraft which was cited between the US Highway 8, Harmony, and the State Highway 111. The number of people aboard the plane, which was not reported until early Sunday the following day, was found to be six. All of them were adults and were all confirmed to have died on the spot. The investigators have also found that the plane was coming from Chicago and on its way to Canada only not to reach to its destination. However, no names of the deceased was mentioned by Sunday for fear of mistaken identity.

The Passengers

By Monday the investigators came out with details of the six adults aboard the Cessna 421 plane. They were flying from Chicago, Illinois from a fishing expedition before they met their death at Wisconsin City of Philips, at a location called Catawba. The casualties included; 69-year-old Charles Tomlitz, 56-year-old Thomas DeMauro, 21-year-old Kyle DeMauro, 70-year-old Kevin James King, 45-year-old George Tomlitz, and 63-year-old James Francis. A further digging on their background revealed interesting and unresolved facts about them. Not only was it found that some were related, it has been unsettled yet, how it is that some hailed from completely different regions.

For example, while the relationship between the DeMauros was confirmed to be father-son relationship and living in Benseville, it was unclear how they were related with some such as James Francis from a very different state- Norco California. The Tomlitzs were found to be from Brookfield, Illinois and Addison, Illinois for Goeorge Tomlitz and Charles Tomlitz, respectively. The DeMauros and the Tomlitz were, however, positively identified from a social media post describing Thomas DeMauro as a physical education teacher at Tioga Elementary School in Benseville, Illinois, and Charles Tomlitz as the District Maintenance Director.

Causes of the Crash

As it happens with all plane crushes to determine the cause of an accident, the investigators sought that data from the plane's black box. The investigator's, who comprised of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), reported that the last communication between the air traffic controller and the pilot involved a local weather phenomenon. This was just after the plane left its departure point and slightly before it went off radar. High speculations are that the plane struggled against harsh weather conditions before missing from the controller's detector system.

However, the authorities have insisted that no conclusive remarks can be given yet since other factors could have contributed to the accident. Although conditions of the weather could have contributed, to a larger degree, to the cause of the crash, the lead investigator, Don Knutson, said that spatial disorientation might have been what ultimately fell the plane. Spatial disorientation, according to Knutson, is a state where a plane is over-stressed against extreme conditions, such as in a risky cold weather, or in a storm, such that it tears apart. Considering the small size of the Cessna 421, this could be the leading cause for that Wisconsin plane crash, according to Knutson. Evidence supporting this claim include parts of the plane which were found scattered a few yards away from the main scene of the crash, such as those found on the nearby Highway.

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