Saudi Arabia To Discuss Qatar Crisis With Allies

Last Updated : August 18 2017

Saudi Arabia To Discuss Qatar Crisis With Allies

by Mike Whitaker 2017 July 06

Saudi Arabia To Discuss Qatar Crisis With Allies

Saudi Arabia and the Arab allies which have cut all the ties with Qatar may hold the talk which will take place today in the country of Egypt on a Gulf diplomatic crisis, after which Doha said that their demands were difficult to meet. Four Arab nations, in which some included the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain accuse the country of Qatar of by the issue of supporting the extremism, the charge which it they denies.

They gave an isolated emirate the extra forty eight hours to meet the ultimatum after the initial ten-day deadline which was passed on the day of Sunday.

Saudi Arabia has said early on Wednesday that the four had received the Qatar's response and is that they could respond at that right time.

The foreign minister who is from four countries which broke off the diplomatic and the trade relations with the Qatar are preparing to meet in the city of Cairo which will take place as from 11:00 GMT which is on Wednesday. The press conference is being expected thereafter.

The Qatari Foreign Minister by the name Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani have handed the official response which was on on Monday in Kuwait that is mediating in a dispute, but the contents have no more been disclosed.

Also Doha have said that it may not bow to the pressure and that a demands seem being designed to a reject.

Sheikh Mohammed told the press conference which was on Tuesday that a list of the demands from four countries is the unrealistic and it is not actionable".

"It is not all about the terrorism, it is talking all about on how to shut down the freedom which is of speech," he added.

A demand included the Doha ending the support for a Muslim Brotherhood which close the broadcaster Al-Jazeera therefore downgrading the diplomatic ties with the country of Iran and also shutting down the Turkish military base in emirate.

Riyadh and the supporters have secured air, sea and also ground links by Qatar, cutting off the vital routes for the imports which include food.

They have also ordered that Qatari citizens to vacate their own territories and to took several steps against the Qatari firms and the financial institutions.

Sheikh Mohammed also said that Doha was in a look for the solution to a month-long crisis that is based on a dialogue.

"A state of the country of Qatar has adopted the very constructive outlook since the start of a crisis. We are just trying to behave mature and also discuss a matter."

These four countries suggested that the further sanctions would be put in place if Doha doesn't comply.

This crisis have raised the concerns in growing the instability in a region, the home to many of the world's very large energy exporters and also the key Western friends who host the US military bases.

Qatar is a world's leading producer of the liquefied natural gas and that on Tuesday the state-owned Qatar Petroleum give the report that it was planning the significant productions increase over coming years.

This country's gas wealth have changed it in a recent years in to one of a world's richest countries, the major international investors and the regional player which will host a 2022 football World Cup.

Qatar also has pursued the more independent of foreign policy which is more than many of the neighbors who wish to follow a lead of the regional powerhouse Saudi Arabia.

The UAE Foreign Minister by the name Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan said this on Tuesday that it was "premature" for one to discuss which further response might be taken overagainst Qatar.

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