By: Camille Shavon

–Dr. David Larry Boyle , was born the 4th child of Eddie Samuel Boyle and Ernestine Boyle in Somerville, TN and departed this life on Monday, November 5, 2012. He was Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Whiteville ,Tennessee and was a distinguished “Man of Honor”, a life-long servant to God, and a great force to be reckoned with in the Hardeman County area , surrounding counties, as well as in national and international sectors.
This was a man whom I’ve never known to be indolent but in retrospect
possessed a very congenial yet indomitable nature as he conjectured performance in the “spirit of excellence” while managing to effectively embrace those who were in his presence with warmth and a very bright smile.
Rev Dr. David Larry Boyle began his ministerial career in 1969 as he was ordained at Greater First Baptist Church in Memphis, TN By Pastor Odie Breckenridge. He served as assistant to the Pastor from 1969-1977. He later served as Assistant to the Pastor with Reverend Dr. U.S. Cornelius, Sr. At Mount Sinai Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas from June 1978- December 1980. It was also in December of 1980 that this great man who rendered so much yet expected so little was called to serve as Senior Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church and remained until he departed this life. During his 32.years of Pastoral service with the Antioch Church family, membership increased tremendously, a new Christian Education Complex was developed, and in 2001 a new Worship Center was constructed as a plethora of institutional programs, groups, and out-reach ministries were developed.
Boyle graduated from Douglas High School in Memphis, TN and went on to attend Memphis State University where he became a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, INC. He attended Bishop College in Dallas, Texas and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. He later attended Memphis Theological Seminary where he received a Masters of Divinity in 1986.mIn 1993 he graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois with a Doctorate of Ministry. A second Doctorate was earned from the same seminary on June 5, 2001.

It is without question why in October of 2008, this vessel of God was
chosen as a representative of our great Country to proceed in an endeavor to
enlighten the minds of the Nigerian inhabitants through a theological
dialogue . In a former interview with Dr. Boyle, he shared his story of his great international experience with me:
“My trip to Ipaja,Lagos,Nigeria,Africa was initiated and organized by Dr.
Gary Maxie who is the founder and president of WEST AFRICA THEOLOGICAL
SEMINARY(WATS) .My exposure and experience with DR.Maxie was the out
growth of a mutual friend Ralph West,Sr.of Houston,Texas,pastor of the
Brookhollow Baptist Church in Houston.”

“I made arrangements to travel to Nigeria on the twenty eighth of September
through the eleventh of October,2008.I was accompanied by the Rev.Dr Kent
Hall pastor of the Shady Grove Baptist Church of Memphis ,Tn. My task and
assignment was to teach a module for ten days to Master of Divinity
students on the subject of Biblical Hermeneutics.Hermeneutics deals with
the art and science of interpretation of scripture.The class consisted of
29 students,27 men and two women.”

“It was refreshing and enlightening to engage the students in critical
dialogue over theological and life issues. The intent of the course was to
seek to empower and equip the students with principles and approaches to
do responsible interpretation of scripture. The second intent was to help
aid the student in preaching and teaching scripture with integrity and
dignity for disciplining Christians.”

“The teaching dynamics were most rewarding to both students and me as
teacher. The students brought a brilliance to the assigned reading in
reflecting critically and responsibly. They were great in their verbal and
written response to class lectures and discussion.
The geographical context where WATS is located is one of great
poverty. Yet ,there is a beauty in the people in spirit and industry. The
people are hard workers in that they create products for sale for their
survival. The ability to create jewelry ,household items, food

“ Literacy is surprisingly great in Nigeria as a whole.The people are high
spirited inspite of adverse poverty. They are reflective of healthy
pride, healthy self-esteem and communal industry that lets you know they
are supportive of one another.”

“I met many wonderful people during my stay at WATS,the staff,faculty and
students. Relationships were established that promises to last throughout
our life time. I met Bishop Francis C.Anunobi and wife who are the pastors
of New Birth Ministries Int’l Inc.I had the privilege of preaching for
them on the fifth of October,2008.I had to have an interpreter during the
preaching moment which was a great challenge.The language diversity
determined the need for an interpreter.”

“ The future promises to be bright for future relationship and teaching at
WATS.I will meet with Dr Gary Maxie during the month of December and
establish for 2009 a plan for teaching another module. I will invite other clergy
from the Hardeman and Shelby county areas to share in the teaching
mission. I am equally concerned for pastors, churches and associations,
becoming involved in sharing the gospel on the continent of Africa in
These iconic words from this former interview with Dr. Boyle will forever be cherished in my heart, the hearts of immediate Family , the Antioch Church Family, and all of those who loved Rev. Dr. David Larry Boyle through out this great nation.
(Input words of expression from church members)